21,600m2 complete full-cycle, vertical operation located in Vjazma with a workforce of 650

International management, based in Italy, and operating for 25 years

VKP Ltd in Smolensky, Russia, 2th largest tannery in Russia

Purchases all its raw hides from its own hide collector units located in various areas in Russia

Supported by Philimaska Ltd facility in Tbilisi, Georgia, for supply of Wet Blues


Does not outsource

Purchases state-of-the-art Italian chemicals and machinery for VKP Ltd wet blue manufacturing facility, guaranteeing compliance to international standards on substances (REACH/SVHC)

Flexible custom product development possible thanks to expertise lab collaborations

Manufactures a large range of semi-finished upholstery and footwear leathers

Biggest Russian manufacturer of upholstery leather


Monthly production of 1.5 million sft of finished leather

Produces 1 mln sft finished uppers leather for Russian, Belarusian, Indian and Chinese markets

Produces 500,000 sft of footwear quality crust for Italian market

1,000,000 sft of finished upholstery leather for Russian and East Europe markets

600,000 sft of splits in crust state and 1 mln sft of upholstery splits sold to Indian market


Three affiliate companies complete the group:

Pelli: one of Russia’s high-quality cut & sew upholstery leather processing, with an average of 600 units/month

Term/Lakawanna: production, warehousing and distribution of upholstery and footwear leathers

Indigoran: production of high-quality upholstery furniture manufacturing

Philimaska Ltd

Georgian back-up production facility

Collects raw hides from Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia

600,000 tons of wet blues produced to off-set VKP productions


Own distribution network for finished leather in principle Russian cities, guaranteeing 3 mln sft stock of articles in 30 colors:


St. Petersbourg (2 distribution points)

Rostov (2 distrbution points)




Trades globally stock crust and splits and leathers finished both in Russia and in Italy (Tuscany and Veneto)

Consolidated, efficient export globally of leathers, especially to China

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